Effect the Coronavirus has on Photography


Many of you are wondering what the effect the Coronavirus has on Photography. Professional Photography is a luxury, as much as I would love to think of it as an essential service to my lovely clients (and in a way I still believe it is), in the larger scale of today’s crisis, it just isn’t essential at the moment.

Throughout the horrible realities of what we are living through at present, something this crisis has done is help us really appreciate our loved ones, the importance of human connection and how fragile life is. This is why photographs, whether they be professional or just phone snaps, have become more valuable than ever.

Having been closed since lockdown, I have eagerly gone through the government guidelines, and have reluctantly accepted that photography is not an essential service 😉 It looks like it’s unlikely that I will be able to open my lens cap until we are safely into step 2, even then I will be limited to location photography only. Location Photography

I love location shoots, the natural light, and relaxed posing, it’s ideal for family sessions, maternity, couples etc. but can be adapted for newborns and cake smashes with some careful planning, while still adhering to the social distancing rules.

Please watch my Location Portraits Video here

Studio sessions will be another matter, its likely we will have to wait some time for those to start back up again, as and when step 3 is introduced, it will be something that will take careful planning.

Thankfully I have always had cleanliness as an essential part of my studio ethos, I never have more than one studio session a day, my floors and worktops are disinfected after every shoot, as well as again before every shoot, all accessories are laundered, and props are cleaned. I always wash my hands before a session and throughout, and I use antiseptic hand gel when handling newborns and dealing with children. Moving forward, to add to these measures, I will ask clients to leave their shoes outside the studio, I will wear a facemask and gloves, and leave the studio doors open to ensure circulation of fresh air. I will also limit studio sessions to 1 every 4 days, which is fine as I limit the amount of sessions I do a month anyway, to ensure each client the very best service.

It will be difficult, I am a hands on photographer, I like to play with children, move hair from faces, perfect poses by moving people, but I must follow government guidelines, I must put the safety of my clients, their families and my family first. I can adapt to these rules as long as they are in place, and for longer should I feel it necessary. What I can guarantee, that under the circumstances, when I am allowed to pick up my camera for my job again, I will still be able to provide you with incredible images that you will love, and an experience you will always remember, for the right reasons.

Stay safe, and see you very soon. Much love. Becky.